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As a construction industry firm, our company is filled with people that aspire to execute projects successfully - it is the reason we continue in this line of work. Ensuring the highest quality or products are achieved is a passion at AD Technical Services.

Let us help you set yourself up for success.

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In modern industry, projects are unique, high-stress, and time-consuming endeavours. Whereas some people avoid these, the team at ADTS  is passionate about this line of work.

We want to see our clients succeed. It is as simple as that. At ADTS we view our success and that of our clients as one and the same.


Projects can often fail as they are repeatedly handed-off from one manager to the next. ADTS can perform start-to-finish responsible management to de-risk our clients' projects. Our team can help protect your money and business objectives.


Projects often involve more logistical, procurement, contracting, cash management, quality control, technical and safety aspects with confidential and special relationship considerations than people envision at the outset. ADTS is a capable, multi-disciplinary team with strategic partnerships and capabilities, built for effective project delivery.

ADTS can assist your team with reviewing your readiness to move into execution, review your budgets, performing contingency analysis, reviewing your schedule for risks, and inspecting your designs, drawings, and specifications for risk and readiness.


Quality Control

Project Owners rely heavily on experienced contractors to provide the product they are expecting. Our team is experienced in developing and implementing proper procedures and documentation to accompany our clients' high quality work. Working collaboratively with our clients' construction team we are able to ensure that their work has been properly recorded to meet requirements of the project and ensure owner satisfaction.

We have developed programs including company manuals, project plans and task procedures which guarantees that quality is never in question. During development we ensure that the vision of the client aligns with the aspects of the programs to meet all quality aspects.

Documentation is key to guaranteeing that each step of construction is verified and recorded to meet the specifications of the project. Early planning ensures that hold points, inspections, material tests and surveys are completed and attended as required to avoid any unnecessary rework or costly hold-ups.

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Construction Survey

You can build something perfectly and still have un unhappy client if it's in the wrong spot or facing the wrong direction. At AD we have extensive understanding of engineered drawings and specifications. We use our skills and large inventory of survey equipment to complete any survey task required for a project.


Our team is trained in survey theories and experienced in construction situations to provide the most efficient solution using the most appropriate survey gear to provide the best results. From laser level and tape measure to total station and GPS RTK, we are equipped to provide the ideal solution to all survey challenges.

To compliment our survey team, we are furnished to provide our survey data in a variety of formats to suit the project needs. Many large scale projects have large quantities of data which can become overwhelming. We ensure that our data is stored in an appropriate filing system for simplicity in searching of data. We can provide raw data, AutoCAD, Civil3D and as-built drawings as required.



Material Testing

AD Technical Services is registered with a variety of organizations to provide the highest quality testing. Our staff are certified with CCIL, ACI, CNSC and PEO. We are constantly continuing education to provide current and relevant testing procedures.

Our staff are trained in procedures for taking field samples of aggregates and concrete according to ASTM. Our technicians hold ACI certification for field concrete testing including slump, air content, temperature. 

We are also able to perform field density and moisture readings with our portable nuclear gauges. Our staff are certified nuclear gage users capable of performing these field tests to provide fast and accurate information.

In addition to our field testing abilities, we operate a CCIL certified mobile aggregate lab which performs testing according to ASTM and LS specifications. The lab is equipped to provide aggregate data required for the project. For high volume testing the lab is able to be moved to site, or for smaller projects, the samples can be sent to the lab in its current location.